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Tapple is the award-winning, fast paced word game that gives players a rush of excitement as they race to beat the clock! Challenge friends and family to tap letters of the portable wheel as you come up with words for various categories before the ten-second timer runs out! Just say a word, beat the timer and win! Get ready for lots of laughs!

  • Get ready for the new edition of the award-winning fast-paced word game that gives family game night a rush of excitement as players compete to beat the timer! Fun for all ages
  • HOW TO PLAY - Choose a card with a category, press the timer, and shout out words related to the category that start with a certain letter. Once the related word is announced, press the corresponding letter tab.
  • Take it on the go and great to play anywhere - the portable Tapple wheel stores all of the category cards for easy carry and storage.

Tapple Word Game by , Fast-Paced Family Board Game, 2 - 8 Players Ages 8 and Up

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