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Just like the show, Netflix’s Squid Game Board Game gives you the chance to beat six games and you split the bank with any other winners. After all, they’re just games. Except when you lose, you are eliminated. You’ll need a strong team to survive. Bring home the international sensation and play Netflix’s Squid Game for yourself. It’s all or nothing. Be careful who you trust. A fun game night choice with friends and family. Netflix’s Squid Game Board Game is for 3-6 teens or adults, ages 16 and older.

  • Based on the hit Netflix show Squid Game
  • Survive all 6 games from the show
  • Each game lasts 5 minutes.
  • 2-6 teens or adults, ages 16 and older
  • 45 minutes total play time

Netflix'S Squid Game Board Game for Ages 16 and Up, from

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