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The Top Class Cards Mega Box would make an excellent gift for any Pokemon fan! The Mega Box is a must have for collectors of all ages. This box comes with 3 Ultra Rare cards guaranteed! Most Pokemon products do not include any cards this rare! The Mega Box also contains 7 holographic Pokemon cards and tons of commons & uncommons! With over 100 Pokemon cards, kids & adults alike will have an instant collection to select cards to build a deck out of! All cards are guaranteed to be authentic.

  • PERFECT FOR EVERY POKEMON PLAYER: Expand your collection, start a new deck, or get back in the game with our premium Mega Box. Each bundle is filled with variety and value!
  • INCLUDES 3 RANDOM ULTRA RARE POKEMON CARDS GUARANTEED: These powerful cards pack a punch! Each lot is equipped with 100 Common & Uncommon Pokemon cards! Plus, a bonus 7 Holo Cards!
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY BOY OR GIRL: Get the perfect present for your favorite Pokemon trainer and watch the excitement unfold! Our Pokemon card packs make a great birthday gift for boys and girls!
  • 100% AUTHENTIC - These cards will all be in Near Mint condition (like new) and are guaranteed to be authentic!

Mega Box | 100 Cards | 3 Guaranteed Ultra Rares | 7 Holo Cards | Compatible with

SKU: 6c4cbc61-deb7-457e-a94a-55499165658d
Excluding Sales Tax
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