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【Fast Warming Milk in 5 Minutes】- We upgrade this baby bottle warmer to warm your baby milk quickly and evenly while preserving nutrients. 30ml water makes enough steam to heat the milk well between 3-6 minutes, drink at any time to prevent the kids from crying. Even for first-time moms, you can easily handle this bottle warmer and soothe your hungry baby with a warm bottle of milk within a few minutes!

【12-in-1 Multi Functions Bottle Warmer】- Fast Warming /Steaming/Food Heating/Normal Warming /Fast Defrosting/Steaming/Boil Egg/24H Keep Warm/Timer Reservation. Almost meet the various needs of infants feeding, all family's needs.

【Double Bottle & Steam】- Open adjustable cover is Perfect for all kinds of bottles whether are wide-mouth, angled, or bottles of glass, plastic, or silicone gel, the bottle milk warmer for kids can perfectly work with them. And you can heat food at the same time. It can defrost breastmilk, boil nipples, bottles, and baby fork and spoon; Easy to use with one hand while carrying your baby.

【More Accurately, More Intimate】- Built in Sensing Temperature & Semiconductor sensing probe & External probe & Microsoft temperature control & External NTC temperature control probe. The bottle warmer precisely keeps the milk, water, and food at the target temperature for 24 hours to fit every baby's preferences and to avoid overheating or being too cold.

【Cshidworld Love & Gift】- Made of Food grade PP safety material. Perfectly comfort hunger and crying baby at night, give the family a perfect sleep. A luminous display screen makes night operation more relieved and safer. We always control the safety of raw materials like milk powder control.

  • Smart LCD Touch Screen: You can control the temperature by yourself, you can see the real-time temperature on the LCD screen, and you do not need testing the temperature by yourself.
  • Double Bottle Universal Design: Extra large space to accommodate 2 bottles at the same time, ideal for bottles of all sizes and materials, also suitable for milk bags and baby food, very suitable for twin feeding, making baby feeding easier.
  • Automatic Auto-off & Anti-Dry Heating: The bottle warmer will automatically turn off once the water inside the bottle warmer dries out. No need to worry about the safety of this baby bottle warmer.
  • Adjustable Top Lid: The lid helps keep in the hot steam that helps to heat up a bottle. Both 2 holes on the upper side of the cover can be adjusted to more than 90 degrees. Designed for taller bottles. This bottle warmer is suitable for any material/size bottle.
  • For All Kinds Of Bottles: Special double bottle design can heat two bottles at the same time, suitable for feeding the twins. Also fits most sizes of bottles, such as baby glass bottles, silicone bottles, plastic bottles, baby food jars, and storage bags. The opening and the adjustable cover are perfect for all kinds of sizes and material milk bottles.

How to Use 12-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer:

  • Step 1: Place the rack into the warmer. Then place your bottles into the warmer.
  • Step 2: Add enough water to the warmer.
  • Milk Warmer: More than one-half of the container (have better effects to warm or heat if you add more water).
  • Defrost: More than one-half of the container (have better effects to warm or heat if you add more water). Formula Heater: One bottle: 500ml; 2 bottles: 400ml.
  • Step 3: Cover the cap on top. Plugin. Click the On button then click the function button you need.

Package included:

  • 1 x Baby Food/Bottle Warmer
  • 1 x Steamed egg Shelf
  • 1 x Baby Bottle Clip
  • 1 x Baby Bottle Brush
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Pacifier brush
  • 1 x Straw brush

Bottle Warmer, 12-In-1 Baby Double Bottles Warmer Fast Baby Food Heater & Bpa-Fr

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