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  • BIGGER BOGGLE: Now you can make longer words with a larger 5x5 grid AND you've got 3 minutes to do it!
  • SETUP: Shake, shake, shake the letter cubes, start the timer and let your eyes see what's right in front of you!
  • IT’S FUN AND SIMPLE: Each player searches the letters to make words of FOUR letters or more. When you find a word, write it down.
  • SCORING: Points are tallied based on the length of your word - BUT - if another player has the same word, NO ONE scores for that word! So - be unique!
  • HISTORY LESSON: Big Boggle debuted in 1979 as “Parker Brothers Bigger Hidden WORD Game," and was enjoyed by word game players for over 30 years.

Product Description

Shake up the 25 letter cubes and try to spot as many words as you can. Race against the 3-minute timer as you follow adjoining letters, every which way, searching for words that you hope your opponents won't find. When time runs out, players compare their lists and score for each unique word they have found. The player with the highest score wins! This game contains a bigger grid, more cubes and allows for higher scores. Bonus: The New "Double Letter" Cube Makes It Easier To Form Longer Words. Ages 8+. 2 or more Players.

From the Manufacturer

Boggle, the world-famous 3-minute word game is now available as "Big Boggle. The new "Double Letter" cube makes it easier to form longer words. This game contains a bigger grid, more cubes and allows for higher scores. For 2 or more players.

Big Boggle with 5X5 Grid and 25 Letter Cubes by USA, Thought Provoking Word Gam

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